(Permanent) positions in the university's mid-level staff

After successful completion of your doctorate, you are not aiming for a professorship but would like a position in the university's mid-level. Then a job as a science support staff member or science manager is just right for you.

You will no longer be involved in research and teaching yourself, but you will support the academic staff with the aim of ensuring and improving quality in research and teaching. Therefore, you will organise events, control funding guidelines or advise (early career) researchers.

The activities and places of employment are diverse. Typical areas of activity can be: in the dean's offices of the faculties or in the rector's office or in central institutions. You could work as a personal assistant of the head of the university or the head of the dean's office, as coordinators of research associations or as advisors of young researchers.

At the university, these types of positions are usually temporary, but can also lead to permanent positions.

Subsequently, you wil find the job advertisements for sciencse support staff of the OVGU und die job offers of the medical faculty. 

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