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Fortunately, a lot of further education is offered at the university. I constantly find offers in both Personnel Development and the Graduate Academy, as well as in my Structured Doctoral Program, in which I would like to participate. On the other hand, it always takes time, I have to ask my supervisor for permission and at the same time I want to make rapid progress with my project. How much and what kind of further training would you recommend, especially for someone who has not yet decided whether to continue in science or business?


Hello Mrs. L.,

it is generally true that it is good and right to focus on building interdisciplinary skills during career development. Both in science and in business, people are increasingly asking whether you can manage a project, whether you can deal constructively with conflicts with colleagues and whether you are well-organised. You don't learn such skills on the side. So it makes sense to attend seminars that teach you methods and tools to be successful in demanding positions. Choose the seminars that suit you best and are also feasible in terms of time. All courses offered by the university are conducted by renowned trainers. So that you do not have to attend any seminars randomly, the Graduate Academy offers you further education advice, which can also include external offers.

By the way: if the certificates are not important to you, you can also get together with colleagues and tell each other about various seminars and pass on what you have learned. I am repeatedly told of such successful "cooperations" that can be very beneficial. Also our DocAGs offer themselves for such activities, which can be represented then also e.g. in the curriculum vitae.

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