Welcome to the postdoc at the University of Magdeburg!

As a postdoctoral researcher at Otto von Guericke University, you are an essential member of the university in research and teaching, and at the same time you can further qualify yourself for an appointment to a professorship. However, you can also use the postdoc phase for the transition into other professional fields.

On the following pages you will find relevant information on career paths, offers and programmes at the university.

You are very welcome to become active yourself and get involved in our networks and initiatives.

The OVGU's Prorectorate for Research, Technology and Equal Opportunities and the Graduate Academy campaign for improved conditions for postdocs at OVGU. The first Magdeburg Postdoc Study 2021 showed where the need for action is. The Graduate Academy is taking this as an opportunity to adapt its services and thus gradually improve the situation of postdocs.

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