More than 23 million people in Germany are engaged in volunteering. No matter if the activities belong to a culture group, schools or if they are connected to supporting refugees or assisting elderly people, there is no doubt that getting involved is a great way for starting in a new society. Therefore, it is a great idea to take action in everyday life and in the neighbourhood. You can find many opportunities to expand your friends circle both localy and internationaly in Magdeburg.


Volunteer Agency Magdeburg

At the Freiwilligenagentur Magdeburg volunteers and companies can get information about volunteer work. The offer ranges from regular participation in various areas to working groups that focus on one-off assignments. On the homepage you can get advice about the many possibilities of engagement. The team also speaks various languages.

Einsteinstraße 9, 39104 Magdeburg
Phone: 0391 / 54 95 840

E-Mail: info@freiwilligenagentur-magdeburg.de


Foreign Company Sachsen-Anhalt e.V

The Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt (AGSA) is a union of over 40 migrant organisations and friendship associations. The work focuses on educational work concerning development policy and lobbies towards the protection of refugees, immigration and integration.

Schellingstraße 3-4 39104 Magdeburg
Phone: 0391/ 5371200

Integration Assistance

The project Beginn Nebenan helps refugees, specially asylum seekers, to be integrated into society by promoting social contacts eye to eye. The goal is promoting a lively cultural interchange between natives and immigrants in order to eliminate any kind of fear or preconception.

Schellingstraße 3-4 39104 Magdeburg
Phone: 0176/ 2707977

German - Vietnamese Friendship

Interested in learning more about an asiatic culture? The Deutsch-Vietnamesischer Freundschaftsverein e.V. supports the integration process of Vietnamese living in Germany. The idea is making Germans, Vietnamese and other migrants from all over the globe get to know each other.

Schellingstraße 3-4 39104 Magdeburg
Phone: 0391/ 5371290
E-Mail: dvfev@web.de

German - Russia Association

The association Inturia e.V Deutsch-Russische-Gesellschaft promotes exchange between Germans and Russians. Its activities aim to unite every Magdeburger, with or without a migration background, interested in the Russian language and in a rich intercultural exchange.

Bruno-Beye-Ring 49 39130 Magdeburg
Phone: 0391/ 58442706

German - Polish Association

The Deutsch-Polnische Gesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt (DPG) engages in bringing Germans and Polish citizens together.

Schellingstraße 3-4 39104 Magdeburg
Phone: 0391/ 5371353

German - Bulgarian Socio-cultural Association

The Deutsch-Bulgarische Soziokulturelle Vereinigung e.V promotes a better understanding between Germans and Bulgarians. It offers meeting opportunities and information events about history, culture and current developments in Bulgaria.

Immermanstraße 19 39108 Magdeburg
Phone: 0176/ 39046555

Harmonia e.V.

The association Harmonia defines itself as an international center for culture, education and social issues in Sachsen-Anhalt. It advocates for tolerance and understanding between all nations. It devotes itself to the work with children, teenagers and adults, apart from organising cultural events.

Schellingstraße 3-4 39104 Magdeburg
Phone: 0176/ 78731090 oder 0176/ 45327522

Association for Traditional Chinese Culture

The Verein für traditionelle chinesische Kultur aims to promote Chinese culture in Germany. It offers seminars to teach language skills and provide insight on the way of living and thinking in modern China.

Schellingstraße 3-4 39104 Magdeburg
Phone: 0151/ 58131818

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