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Christians in Magdeburg - Ecumenic Portal of the Christian Churches in Magdeburg

This homepage lists information about christian churches, communities and associations in Magdeburg.

Protestant Churches in Magdeburg

You can find many information about several communities, churches and worship on this website.


Protestant Students Parish (Worship Services in English)

This community is for students and young people no matter if you're christian or not. The community organises regluar events. You can take part at an international exchange while cooking together for example. >> Internationals


Catholic Churches in Magdeburg

This is the website for catholic churches in magdeburg:


Catholic Students Parish

This community consits of students from the OVGU and FH. They organise events like worship, dinners and lectures about different topics.


Baptist Church

Here you can find the website of the young Evangelical Free Churches in Magdeburg:


Islamic mosque in Magdeburg

You can find further information about the Islamic mosque in Magdeburg on the following website:


Synagogue of Magdeburg

For information about the Jewish life in Magdeburg visit this webiste:  


Union of Progressive Jews

The Union of Progessive Jews also has an community in Magdeburg. Here you will find further information.

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