Team Conflict

For my doctoral project I work closely with other doctoral students of the chair and we use common resources. This generally works very well. Only one colleague falls out of line, treats us from above and blocks our measuring stand without consultation. Our doctoral supervisor knows about this and has already discussed it with our colleague, but nothing changes. What can I do?


Hello Mr. Z.,

yes, unfortunately it happens again and again that team members behave uncooperatively and so seriously endanger the work of others and the team spirit. Have you already told your colleague how her behaviour influences other people? Some people are not even aware of this and change their behaviour after a quiet, objective discussion, in which it is shown exactly which behaviour disturbs and which behaviour would be better (very important!). Especially when cultural differences play a role, clear communication is necessary.

You write that your doctor mother knows. This is basically very good, because only in this way can she actually do anything. Draw attention again to the problem after you have noted down (several!) specific examples: Date, situation, behaviour, consequences. This is the only way your doctoral supervisor has something in her hand to argue and act concretely. Without examples and evidence, experience has shown that it is very difficult for supervisors to really grasp such a conflict and initiate consequences.

Of course, you can also make use of the conflict mediation services of Dr. Barbara Witter's Graduate Academy for conflicts between colleagues at any time.

I wish you all the best for the cooperation in your team!

Alex Guericke Summer

Conflict mediation by the GA



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