Career in science or business?

I'm heading for the final phase of my doctorate. Actually, I don't want to stay in science, but I don't want to say that out loud because I have the impression that I am expected to have a scientific career. We partly work together with companies, but I don't want to ask anyone for jobs so that I don't have any disadvantages. How can I still find a good job outside of science?

Dr. Guericke-Sommer:
Doctoral students are often expected to have a scientific career, but in fact more than 70% do not want to continue working as scientists after their doctorate or are undecided. That's why the OVGU offers so many opportunities for orientation and applications in industry.

Every semester, the Graduate Academy offers seminars on career orientation and application in business. In addition, the Graduate Academy, together with the Career Service, offers an application workshop several times a semester, also for doctoral students. Here you will receive tips for your application and job search. You can also make an individual, confidential appointment with Dr. Christiane Hedtmann, Career Advisor at the Graduate Academy, at any time.

By the way, you can also apply confidentially to the companies with which you have contact: If you address your cover letter directly to the personnel department (personal, confidential) and state that your application should be treated confidentially due to the fact that your employment relationship has not been terminated, the company employees will refrain from asking your superiors or other OVGU members for a reference and will comply with your request.

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