October 30, 2019: Publish or Perish - The Editor´s View

2:00 p.m., Conference Room of the University Library


Talk and Panel Discussion (bilingual German and English)

  • Prof. Dr. Rolf Findeisen, Chair for Systems Theory and Automatic Control
  • Prof. Dr. Eva Labouvie, Chair for Modern History / Gender Studies
  • Prof. Dr. Marko Sarstedt, Chair of Marketing

The pressure to publish remains high in science, even though calls for "quality instead of quantity" are becoming louder. We have invited 3 professors to share with us not only their views as researchers, but also their perspectives as editors of respected peer-reviewed journals. How do I write a good article that not only serves to gain scientific knowledge, but is also printed by a good journal?  Why should one publish at all - is the dissertation not sufficient? Are there "unwritten laws" that should be known?

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