Funding for Natural sciences, medicine, mathematics and technology

German Society for Immunology

The German Society for Immunology is awarding several prizes each year to immunologists, including three postdoc prizes.

Human Frontiers Science Programme (HFSP)

The Human Frontier Science Programme is funding novel, innovative, and interdisciplinary research approaches regarding the complex mechanisms of living organisms and has a special postdoctoral fellowship programme.

Leopoldina-Postdoc Fellowship

Each year, the National Academy of Natural Scientists promotes graduated scientist from science and medicine with a distinguished research profile with 20 Leopoldina Postdoc Fellowships.

Liebig Fellowships

The Liebig Fellowships by the Fonds of the Chemical Industry (FCI) is supposed to promote the start as a professor in chemical sciences.

Louis-Jeantet Foundation

Each year, the foundation is spending ca. 4 million CHF on biomedical research and is awarding the Louis Jeantet Young Investigator Career Award as support of junior biomedical researchers in Europe.

Schram Foundation

The foundation is awarding funding for brain research projects, especially independent junior scientists who plan to do risky projects in medicine and neuro sciences.  (Website only available in German)

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