Legal Advice

Legal Advice by the Studentenwerk

Sometimes questions or problems arise, and require the professional legal advice of an attorney. Your Studentenwerk offers a competent contact person for such cases.


Finding a Lawyer

via the Deutscher Anwaltverein - German Bar Association


Database of Translators

With this database of translators and interpreters, the State Justice administrations have created a platform to provide information on the officially authorized, appointed and sworn-in translators and interpreters in the individual states of the Federal Republic of Germany.


Deutscher Anwaltverein

The Deutscher Anwaltverein - German Bar Association has a foundation to support victims of politically motivated violence.

Littenstraße 11

10179 Berlin
Tel.: 0 30 / 72 61 52 - 0
Fax: 0 30/ 72 61 52 - 1 90


Application for Compensation Money at the Federal Office of Justice

Victims of extremist attacks and victims of terrorist offences can apply to the Federal Office of Justice for a so-called hardship benefit. These are financial resources which are made available by the German Bundestag every year. This financial assistance, which is provided voluntarily and as a signal of society's solidarity with the victims of extremist and terrorist violence, is intended to reach those affected as quickly and directly as possible.


Application for Compensation Money at the Amt für Versorgung und Soziales

Halberstädter Straße 39a
39112 Magdeburg
Bürgertel.: 0391/ 627 30 39 oder 0391/ 627 30 42


Fund for Victims of Right-Wing Violence at Miteinander e.V.

Miteinander is a German non-profit NGO, which is committed to an open, pluralistic, and democratic society. They work against racism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of discrimination against people (group-focused enmity).

39104 Magdeburg
Tel.: 03 91 / 62 07 73

Miteinander e.V.


> Dept counselling - Schuldnerberatung (in German)

Schuldner- und Insolvenz-Beratung der AWO

Schuldner- und Verbraucherinsolvenzberatung in Magdeburg des Paritätischen


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