07.-08.06.2021: Presentation Training for a Virtual Stage: Engaging the Listener in Your Talk - ONLINE KURS

Course times in coordination with the trainer

Workshop language is English.


Target group

Doctoral candidates and postdocs with some video presentation experience.



This two-day activity-based workshop led by a theatre professional, enhances the participants presentation skills in a video conferencing format. The training helps presenters to effectively communicate the importance and relevance of their topic and the core message in their presentation in an online platform. The Zoom Pro video conferencing platform will be used in this workshop and you will learn to work with its available functionalities.



The interactive two-day workshop, affords participants the opportunity to enhance their video presentation skills. Constructive feedback from the trainer and group members
as well as a review of their recording give the speaker a healthy amount of input while perfecting their online presentation skills.

Participants will be required to prepare a 3 to 5 minute overview of their work to an international audience of scientists with mixed levels of expertise in a virtual meeting scenario.

Participants will meet in online plenary sessions in the morning sessions for modules of trainer input, discussion and practice on both days of the training. Participants are then clustered in working groups in the afternoon sessions to practice and train their short presentations. Constructive feedback from the trainer and the other participants will provide you with professional input and offer benchmarks to assess the effect of your presentations.


Contents in brief

  • Engaging the audience in one’s talk and maintaining focus on the topic
  • Affirming the strengths and individual style of the speaker
  • Improving voice and physical presence in front of the camera
  • Effectively promoting oneself
  • Learning the available tools on Zoom Pro
  • Receiving recorded video-feedback



  • Vocal delivery and non-verbal coaching
  • partner work/role-play
  • language practice and analysis
  • recording and feedback



Ric Oquita, Impulsplus

A video message from the trainers:

Pimp your talk and get your message across



Conditions of participation

Free of charge for doctoral students

Free of charge for members and relatives of the OVGU

Costs for this course for external students: 270,-


The courses of the Graduate Academy are a service offered by the OVGU for its doctoral students and postdocs and are free of charge for them. Postdocs who are not members of the OVGU can also participate in these courses, as far as places are available. The amount of these costs is determined by means of a full cost calculation.

If you are unable to attend after registration, please contact us immediately at graduate.academy@ovgu.de  .

This allows us in particular to consider others interested in the course who are still on the waiting list. Please note that without your timely cancellation of your participation and/or in case of your non-appearance on the day of the event, we would be obliged to claim the pro-rata costs of the event incurred in relation to your person as damages. You are of course free to prove that the Graduate Academy has suffered no damage or less damage than the one claimed.


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